Who We Are

Super regular dreams up fresh and efficient strategic brand design solutions for international companies, institutions and small businesses.
  • In a complex and fast-moving world, Super regular keeps identities clear and simple to keep you close to your audience. People need landmarks and brands they can trust. We help you simplify their choices. 

    By sharing each client’s ongoing brand experience and working directly with their top management, we design flexible identities. Super regular helps brands boost their notoriety and succeed in their commercial endeavours.

    A brand is not merely a logo, it taps into feelings and emotions. A brand is defined not by marketing, but by individuals. People’s brand experience is our inspiration to built outstanding brand architecture through design. When brands bring practicality and positivity to people’s lives, they become a part of their lives. Behind every brand that has transcended crises, fashions and eras lies a great story, but often it sits dormant. That story just needs to be revealed and told, with patience, dedication and enthusiasm.

    By creating an ongoing conversation with your audience we help you become a “love brand”. Our strategic thinking is driven by our clients’ aspirations and business objectives, to create simple, disruptive and efficient design.

    Super regular has no specialist areas or sectors, as we believe a diversified client approach makes us more creative and agile.

    Our goal is to help you to be successful.

    What we do


    Brand concept
    Branding program
    Brand platform
    Visual platform
    Communication brand strategty
    Digital brand strategy
    Environmental brand strategy


    Art direction
    Brand identity guidelines
    Editorial charter
    Environmental design
    Event design
    Booth design
    Exhibition design
    Website design
    Photography concept


    Redactionnal charter


    Our business model enables us to work for global brands and small businesses alike.

    Conservation du
    patrimoine de l’Isère
    Direction de la Culture et
    du Patrimoine

    Groupe SEB
    Hérault Arnod Architectes
    Lion Sabatier
    Médecins 7/7
    Musée de l’Ancien Évêché

    Picnic en ville
    Schneider Electric
    Solar Decathlon
    Michel Troisgros
    Ville de Grenoble

    Super Team

    Small is beautiful. Our tiny agency was created in 2008. Super regular’s managing crew form a “light expedition team” for creative design. Rather « think tank » we prefer a « think-do » attitude. The agency operates as a network, with access to an array of complementary disciplines for tailor-made projects. We are driven by a single-minded idea : simple works best.

    • Eric Leprince

      Eric Leprince

      Art director & strategy

      Super regular founder.

      Previously Freelance art director for Adidas cycling, Rowenta, Giraudet, Conservation du Patrimoine de l’Isère as main references from 1993 to 2009.

      Senior Art director at Carré Noir Paris, junior art director at Style Marque Paris, Desgrippes BGC designer (Brandimage), Saatchi & Saatchi from 1987 to 1993.

      Graduate from École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Appliqués et des Métiers d’Art Olivier de Serres Paris.

    • Sophie Agrapart / Directrice Editoriale & Conceptrice Rédactrice

      Sophie Agrapart / Directrice Editoriale & Conceptrice Rédactrice

      Sophie Agrapart / Directrice Editoriale & Conceptrice Rédactrice.
      Conception-rédaction de campagne pub print et télé (Hémisphère Droit) pour BIC, LEGO, SCANDALE, TOP SANTE. Conception d’émission de télé chez Endemol. Auteur TV (KD2A, Blague à Donf, Samantha Oups). Conception rédaction digitale (Marcel) pour DIM, Renault, Canderel. Co-fondatrice de SY - maison de création de contenus tous supports. En parallèle, anime des ateliers de rédaction digitale pour Sup de Pub, et une formation de créativité sur les réseaux sociaux pour La piscine/Publicis Conseil. Du bic 4 couleurs au stylo plume en passant par le feutre fluo, Sophie possède différentes plumes qui lui permettent de penser et d’écrire sous de multiples formes ( rédaction publicitaire, charte éditoriale, cm, scénario, articles on et off et autres supports de com).

    • Laurent Muller

      Laurent Muller

      art director & strategy

      Super regular contibutor for 3 years.

      Lecturer at the École Professionnelle Supérieure d’Arts Graphiques et d’Architecture of the Paris City Hall.

      Main references : Arte, Canal+, Baron Philippe de Rotschild S.A, Flammarion, Hachette Filipacchi Presse, Jacques Garcia, Lanvin Parfums, SNCF, LVMH, Michelin, Philips...
      Previously creative director at Paris Venise Design agency (Interbrand), art director at Concept Group and Desgrippes BGC (Brandimage) design agencies. 

      Graduated from the Beaux Arts school of Nancy - with congratulations of the jury. Lucien Quintard award of the Stanislas Academy.

    • Bruno  Batifoulier

      Bruno Batifoulier

      Art director & delivery manager

      Super regular contributor since 2008.
      Groupe Curious co-founder (2005) and executive manager, Atom Kraft design agency founder and art director (1997). Graduate from Centre de formation des industries graphiques Rhône-Alpes 1993-1995. Promotion Major from the communication Marketing MCA Lyon 1990-1993.

    • Veronique Vichery

      Veronique Vichery

      Responsable administratif et comptabilité

    • Robin Defilhes

      Robin Defilhes


      DNAT Esam de Caen de 2011 à 2014,
      Master en design Graphique
      à La Fonderie de L’Image.

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    Photographies are from Sébastien Secchi, Aurélie Jeannette, Vincent Hauzanneau, Hugo Demazière.