• Lion Sabatier Edonist range


    Art direction / visual language / logotype / booth / wording / print / packaging / webdesign
    LionSabatier is now associated, throughout the world, with the cultural heritage 
of French culinary arts and French cutlery. In creating and putting its name to some of the best knives and kitchen accessories for over 200 years, the Lion Sabatier® trademark is proud to be part of the influence of French gastronomic culture around the globe.

    Edonist knives are fully forged in France, in Thiers town, the birthplace of French cutlery. A result of meticulous manufacturing, with a reinvented design, individually hand polished, each Edonist™ is a unique item and a luxurious work of craft.


    Marie Pierre Morel
    Arnaud Childeric
    Vincent Hauzanneau
    Web design
    Hervé Valentin