• Schneider Electric Consumer packaging

    2012 > 2013

    International packaging brand strategy / Packaging guidelines / print Extending it’s business from BtoB to BtoC overworld at the same time, Schneider Electric need a strong and clear packaging identity really simple to apply. We have create the « one brand, one design, one packaging » program. The seven level range become a two level range in one hundred and thirty countries at the same time. And the original printing technology and packaging shape was preserved in each countries to avoid new development, new cost and loss of time. All new brands migrating to Schneider Electric are upgraded in a Schneider Electric packaging without any production change. On shelves you can find the all green brand family product offer quickly. The packaging message is direct and attractive. A special attention has been carry to details about how to install or use your product, so it’s looks smart and simple.

    Design manager
    Frederic Beuvry